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Candidacy – Black Tip or Belt

Osu! World Kanreikai Karate Branch Chief:

You must officially submit the candidacy of your students (or instructors) for the rank of Black Tip (1st Kyu), Junior, 1st Dan, 2nd Dan, 3rd Dan or 4th Dan Black Belt.

Please note that you must also pay the share of the promotion fee due to the organization (by means of your World Kanreikai Karate Account) for every submitted candidacy. These fees will be charged to your account following the submission of each form.

  • Black Tip (1st Kyu) – $45CAN
  • Junior Black Belt – $200CAN
  • 1st Dan Black Belt- from Junior Black Belt – $50CAN
  • 1st Dan Black Belt – $250CAN
  • 2nd Dan Black Belt – $350CAN
  • 3rd Dan Black Belt – $450CAN
  • 4th Dan Black Belt – $550CAN

All candidacies must be submitted at leat 2 weeks before the date of the test.

Note: Please make sure that every candidate – who is not an instructor – is registered as a Student-Member of World Kanreikai Karate before submitting his/her candidacy.

Please fill out and submit one form per candidacy.

Thank you for your cooperation!

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