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Our Kanreikai Karate training program allows children to learn a traditional Japanese martial art in a stimulating, respectful and safe environment. Our instructors offer them motivating activities that keep them physically active.

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Teens and Adults


Many teenagers and adults train diligently at our schools. Thanks to our cardio training program, they learn karate and improve their cardiovascular fitness in a friendly and stimulating atmosphere.

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We encourage our students to experience competitive karate while taking into account their skill level and age. They thus benefit from a rewarding individual adventure with the support of the other members of their Kanreikai competition team.

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Our Kanreikai Karate schools, located in Canada and the Northeastern United States, offer karate lessons for children, teens and adults.

OSU! Canadian Kanreikai schools are located in Quebec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia while our American schools are located in the states of New York and Connecticut. Our karate programs for children, teens and adults are designed so that all members of your family experience a traditional Japanese martial art while improving their fitness, focus and self-confidence. These schools also train competitive teams that are very successful in regional, national and international karate tournaments.

Visit our World Kanreikai Karate website to learn more about our Grandmaster Manny Matias, how our organization works, our karate programs and our Calendar of Events. Do not hesitate to contact the Shihan or Sensei of the Kanreikai school nearest to you and schedule a visit. Welcome to the World Kanreikai Karate family!

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