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they grow in confidence
and meet challenges


All of our schools offer a proven karate program for children. At World Kanreikai Karate, our goal is to make karate attractive and accessible to young students while maintaining the discipline, respect and perseverance intrinsic to this martial art.

Our karate program contributes to the overall development of children – their physical and psychological health as well as their social development. Young people learn to face difficulties and take up challenges. They realize that effort is the engine of success and that the support of their peers is essential.


Your child discovers a traditional martial art that enriches his life

Our program is adapted to the age of the children. From the age of 4, our students will discover the basics of karate through play. As they progress, they are integrated into our regular program which is adapted to their skill level. From the age of 8, our young people train with the older ones and gain confidence and determination. They all gain from the physical exercise and the psychological benefits inherent in the practice of karate.

Your child learns to overcome obstacles and take on challenges

World Kanreikai Karate’s program for children helps develop self-discipline, focus, perseverance and self confidence. Children realize that success is based on effort and perseverance. Their advances give them confidence and they become more and more able to overcome obstacles and meet the challenges they face.

Your child progresses according to a traditional ranking system

The progress of our young students is based on a well-established ranking system. Each student must meet specific requirements to be promoted to a higher tip or belt level. Our program is inclusive and we take into account the age, natural skills, effort and motivation of the student. Our goal is to value and encourage our young students who show effort and perseverance.

Your child participates in rewarding activities and events

We organize activities and events reserved for the students of our Kanreikai Karate schools. Our young students are welcome to our annual Summer Camp and special training sessions. They can also participate in tournaments and experience competitive karate. We want to create a feeling of belonging in each of our children. They are the future of World Kanreikai Karate.


It is important that our children learn from an early age to be self confident while respecting others. In a world where they face peer pressure, they can quickly become victims of bullying or bullies themselves. Our karate program for children contributes to their physical, mental and social development and becomes a tool for preventing bullying.

  • Children who learn to defend themselves gain confidence and are less at risk of bullying.
  • Learning fighting skills makes children more resilient and less aggressive.
  • The practice of karate allows children to exert themselves physically and to improve their physical form, which values them.
  • Children develop lasting friendships by training together and overcoming challenges with the support of their friends.

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