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New Kanreikai School

A young and dynamic Organization

World Kanreikai Karate is a growing organization in which we strive to improve the physical and mental well-being of our students. Each of our schools reflects our values of respect, sustained effort and mutual aid. It is thanks to our Kanreikai Karate schools that young and old alike practice a martial art of Japanese tradition that gives them self-confidence and pushes them to take on ever greater challenges.

We are looking for new partners interested in living the Kanreikai adventure with us. We wish to partner with motivated and dynamic leaders and work with them to broaden the Kanreikai family.



  • A young and dynamic organization with a great growth potential
  • A well-established foundation and infrastructure since 2004
  • Autonomous schools with well-defined common objectives
  • Logistical and promotional support for schools
  • Structured and efficient competition teams
  • A high student retention rate


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